Accounts Payable Automation

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Manual invoice collection and data entry processes are time consuming and error-prone, making it more difficult to pay a high volume of invoices on time.

Product: Bill Payment

Capture invoice data in a machine readable format directly from utility suppliers that can be integrated into AP workflows and ERP systems for faster payments.


Field NameDescription
Invoice NumberA unique number identifying the specific invoice
Billing PeriodThe start date and end date of the billing period for that statement
Statement DateThe date that the statement was posted
Due DateDate that payment of the account balance becomes due
CurrencyThe monetary unit of the bill
Outstanding BalanceThe difference between the last statement and payment

This field is not always available
Current ChargesThe sum of charges related to a statement’s billing period

This field is not always available and can differ from the amount due
Previous ChargesThe sum of charges accrued during the previous pay period

This field is not always available
Late FeesCharges that were applied to an invoice due to an unpaid balance after the due date
Amount DueThe total sum of money owed and to be paid by a set date
Billing AddressInvoices and statements are sent to this full address.
Payment AddressThe full address where mail-in payments can be sent to
Statement DateThe date that the statement was posted.
Source StatementA statement found on the provider’s webpage

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