Smart Home Technology

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Smart devices require comprehensive and accurate data in order to provide impactful recommendations that improve energy efficiency.

Product: Solar

Gain scalable access to detailed data from a wide range of utility service providers that results in more effective analysis of energy usage, rates and costs.


Field NameDescription
Account NumberA unique number related to a specific service
Total Bill CostThe total billed amount
Balance AdjustmentsAn amount that increases or decreases the total bill cost
Due dateThe date that payment is due
CurrencyThe monetary unit of the bill
Electrical CostCost of energy used during the billing cycle
ConsumptionAmount of energy used during the billing cycle
DemandThe maximum kilowatt demand for the billing period
TariffThe electric rate applied to this account.
Statement MessagesAn optional description of this statement’s data
Statement PeriodThe start date and end date of the billing period for that statement
Usage PeriodThe start date and end date of utility usage
Service AddressThe location of a home, building or unit that is utilizing services
Billing AddressThe name and location where bills and invoices are sent to for the account
Statement DateThe date that the statement was posted
Source StatementA statement found on the provider’s webpage

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