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Visit our support documentation to learn more about Urjanet’s on demand products. Review our quickstart guide, data guide, and information on Urjanet Connect and Urjanet Console.


Urjanet Connect is a customizable hosted web form that handles provider search, form validation and submission of data requests on behalf of your customers.

API Documentation

Explore resources including credential, account, and statement level statuses, webhook notifications, authentication, and product specific API endpoints.

Sandbox Environment

The sandbox allows you to test requests and statuses (e.g., pending, success, failure) to understand the workflows that are necessary to create a great user experience.

6000 + Utility Providers Supported

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Popular Use Cases

Urjanet supports a wide range of use cases with automated access and delivery of machine-readable data directly from utility service providers.

Use consumption and cost data to support smart home technology or energy analysis applications. Receive utility bill data over the last 12 months.
Capture recurring bill data for electronic bill presentment or invoice automation. Receive the account’s most recent utility bill and recurring delivery of new bills.
Inform loan decisions and enrich credit profiles with payment history data. We offer a single request for 12 months history and 12 months history with recurring delivery of new bills
Streamline customer onboarding and strengthen fraud prevention with recent authoritative data. Receive an account’s most recent utility bill.

Urjanet Sandbox

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  • Access sample utility data that includes account and statement details
  • Use Urjanet Connect and Urjanet Console web tools 

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