Credit Underwriting

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Consumers with insufficient traditional credit data or non-prime credit scores are often declined by lenders that rely solely on traditional credit data for assessing credit risk.

Product: Credit and Lending

Expand the pool of potential borrowers by collecting 12 months of historical payment data that can be used to score an applicant or calculate risk. Eliminates manual document collection and informs loan origination processes.


Field NameDescription
Billing Address NameFull name associated with the primary account holder
Service AddressThe location of a home, building or unit that is utilizing services
Billing AddressThe name and location where bills and invoices are sent to for the account
Account NumberA unique number related to a specific service
Total Bill CostThe total billed amount
Payment AmountAmount of payment to the utility provider
Balance AdjustmentsAn amount that increases or decreases the total bill cost
Due dateThe date that payment is due
CurrencyThe monetary unit of the bill
Transaction TypeIndicates statement or payment
Statement DateThe date that the statement was posted
Payment DateThe date that the payment was made
Source StatementA statement found on the provider’s webpage

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